Our Pastors
Jaime and Laura Harper

Jaime and Laura have been happily married since 2009. Jaime is a third generation Pastor while Laura grew up under her Grandfather’s ministry, Rev. Sammy Hughes, a Church of God evangelist and Pastor. Prior to Pastoring at LifeGate, Jaime traveled the country preaching God’s word with passion. Pastor Jaime’s ministerial credentials are with the Church of God (Cleveland, TN). 

Jaime and Laura both attended Lee University. Jaime played baseball for the Flames on a full ride scholarship while Laura attended via full academic scholarships. 

Pastor Jaime also loves music and has written several original worship songs that have been a part of the Worship sets several times at LifeGate. His desire is to see the worship team write and record original music that touches the people of LifeGate church and around the world but most of all, the heart of God. 

Pastor Jaime and Laura’s desire has and always will be to build a magnetic atmosphere in the church where all cultures and all generations are welcome. They are focused on instilling God’s passion into the lives of those they shepherd so that they all might Find Their Purpose and become disciples of Jesus Christ in order to advance the Kingdom of God!

Meet Our Team

Blake and Taylor Sexton
  • Youth Pastors
Derrick and Allie Hayes
  • LifeGate Kids Pastors
Janet Heatherly
  • Prayer Team Coordinator
Sharon Harper
  • Admin Assistant
Darrell Gilbert
  • Chief Operations Officer
Richard Nicholson
  • Facilities
Zac Valentine
  • Media Director